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The Foreign Press Association in Denmark (FPA) was loosely founded in April 1935 by a group of Danish journalists who, over and above their jobs in the Danish media, occasionally reported to media abroad. Since then, Copenhagen has become a major centre of Nordic news, and the FPA counts among its members a large number of full and part-time foreign correspondents, reporters and photographers working for a broad variety of news agencies, print press, radio and television stations, Internet publications and photo agencies worldwide.

Most of the association’s members are general correspondents; others are specialized and narrow their reporting to a few subjects, chiefly financial news. Some cover only Denmark while others cover the Nordic region and/or the entire Baltic area.

All of the major news agencies, broadcast and print media are represented in Copenhagen.

Other foreign correspondents in Denmark are freelance reporters who work for one or several newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines or/and other publications. Some have their own offices, others are based at the International Press Centre.

The largest group of foreign correspondents comes from the other Nordic countries. Other major groups are from European Union countries and Turkey - this latter because of the large Turkish community in Denmark.

What does the FPA do? The association represents the interests of its members in all media issues. It organises news conferences, press trips and social gatherings as well as issuing the official Danish press card to foreign journalists permanently based in Denmark. The association’s member list is available on this website.

The FPA has roughly 100 members, including 80 journalists. In addition, there are several special members. These are information and press officers attached to embassies and international organizations.

What is the International Press Centre (IPC)? The IPC is an independent institution under the umbrella of the Danish Foreign Ministry. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the IPC offers working facilities for permanent and visiting foreign reporters. Headed by Dorte Sabinsky of the Danish Foreign Ministry, the centre regularly organizes news conferences and other press-related events. The IPC's board is composed of members of the media, private industry and public institutions. The IPC is a permanent and independent fixture of the Danish budget.

The FPA is independent of the IPC and the Danish government, but has a close working relationship with the centre. The chairman of the FPA is a member of the IPC board.

The association's official language is Danish.

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